As you navigate this long hole with its natural bend to the right you will see a tee shot down the left is more favourable if you are to even attempt to find this green in two. This is made more complicated by way of a fairway bunker some 250 up the fairway on the left-hand side. Your ideal line is to take aim at the second bunker up on the left which is well beyond the reach of even the bigger hitter. The choice is then to try and attempt to find the slightly plateaued green hidden on the right-hand side or play the sensible option and play to a nice yardage for your third shot. The green is protected by a large pot style bunker at the rear.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Championship   5 12 508
   Red Men   4 18 398
   White   5 12 508
   Yellow   5 4 508
   Red   5 16 398
   Women White   5 2 508
   Women Yellow   5 2 508

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