Another beautiful hole with a demand for an accurate drive where any errors will be suitably captured by bunkers on both the left and right of the fairway as well as suitably long deep rough on both sides should you really go off track. That said an accurate drive will see the ball make good use of the linksy fairway and make the 2nd shot much more favourable. The bunker at the front left may lend your train of thought to take aim at the right-hand side but be warned this green has a left to right canter and many a ball runs off the right and makes a more difficult up and down. The more sensible option is the left centre with a minimum of fuss.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Championship   4 4 402
   Red Men   4 2 330
   White   4 4 378
   Yellow   4 8 345
   Red   4 6 330
   Women White   4 8 378
   Women Yellow   4 8 345

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