Immediately following the par 3 5th is the par 5 6th. Apart from the longest of hitters this will play as a genuine 3 shot par 5. Again, be aware of not just the B9033 on the right of this tee shot but also the deep rough all the way up the right-hand side of the hole. Any tee shot clearing the left hand side of the mounds you see from the tee will find the safety of the fairway where the decision can be made whether to let loose or play the safe option of advancing up the right side of the fairway to provide the optimum approach to this large double tiered green with a large run off area to the left and rear and two carefully placed greenside bunkers on the right.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Championship   5 15 529
   Red Men   4 1 452
   White   5 15 529
   Yellow   5 11 496
   Red   5 3 452
   Women White   5 1 529
   Women Yellow   5 1 496

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