Back down out of the fantastic few previous links holes, this long flat finishing hole offers a much wider fairway for navigating. That said there is out of bounds all the way down the left. Ideal spot is up the left with any approach up the right not finding the fairway can fall foul to the three fairway bunkers. A line of the club flagpoles should provide the optimum spot for your approach. The gravel path cuts across the fairway from around 115 yards in and shouldn’t really cause too much problems. The approach is to a large welcoming green but avoid the large bunker that runs up the left and the smaller one at the front right.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Championship   4 10 435
   Red Men   4 8 371
   White   4 10 435
   Yellow   4 6 378
   Red   4 8 371
   Women White   5 4 435
   Women Yellow   4 4 378

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