One of the most Famous holes on the course and its name provides part of the inspiration acclaimed course designer Kyle Franz saw when he visited and took inspiration from this holes many mounds and hillocks and saw fit to base the 9th hole of the Olympic course in Rio on Fraserburgh’s 13th Hole. The two prominent mounds which can be seen from the tee are around the normal landing zone which are both fronted by very regularly used bunkers. The choice can be made to lay up here or once again go for the green but accuracy is required if this is the course of action as the mounds and swales are numerous in the leadup to the green. The green is large and has a very prominent back to front slope with many a member’s 2nd shot going long and allowing the contours of the green to feed the ball back to the hole.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Championship   4 14 341
   Red Men   4 12 265
   White   4 14 341
   Yellow   4 14 305
   Red   4 12 265
   Women White   4 16 341
   Women Yellow   4 16 305

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