Fraserburgh certainly gives variation and no place more than the 10th. Following on from the longest par 4 on the course the 10th is the shortest but should not be disregarded as some careful thought is required on how to successfully manage this one. A shot of 180yds or so is required to set yourself up for a comfortable second shot into this long narrow green that is guarded by a bunker on the front left. Depending how errant your tee shot is you may be faced with a blind second shot. The more Brave can attempt to drive the green in one but be warned anything right off the tee will most likely land up as a club donation.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Championship   4 18 332
   Red Men   4 14 271
   White   4 18 332
   Yellow   4 16 277
   Red   4 4 271
   Women White   4 14 332
   Women Yellow   4 14 277

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