Once you catch your breath from scaling Corbiehill Take a moment from this tee to take stock of your surroundings. The top of Corbiehill provides a wonderful panoramic view of the entire course and should be savoured by all who take on this famous links. Playing downhill many would opt for an iron off the tee to ensure both accuracy and good yardage for the approach but beware the large fairway bunker ready and waiting at around 250 yards. The green is on an uphill approach and any ball landing short will make some look rather foolish by rolling back towards your feet you have been warned. The green is guarded well by bunkers on both sides. Essential to hit the fairway. Worth thinking about iron with the long downhill run to help. Drive down the left to avoid being swept into rough on the right


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Championship   4 13 331
   Red Men   4 17 296
   White   4 13 331
   Yellow   4 17 310
   Red   4 5 296
   Women White   4 11 331
   Women Yellow   4 11 310

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