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Fraserburgh Golf Club


Golf Empire Review of Fraserburgh


Fraserburgh Golf Course. Reviewed by Golf Empire  .

Quick Summary: "An underdog of the North-East delivering classic links golf"

5 Star Rating: 4.4


Fraserburgh golf course


Fraserburgh Golf Club, the seventh oldest in the World, delivers no frills, classic links golf on a very impressive scale.

Those planning a trip to North-East Scotland may rightly include Trump International, Royal Aberdeen, Cruden Bay and Murcar Links on their itinerary. However, without a visit to Fraserburgh their repertoire of quality links golf will not be complete.

Five-time Open Champion, James Braid, is mostly to thank for the current layout we play today. Par is 70 and the yardage 6,308 on this versatile links.

Playing the relatively bland opening hole at Fraserburgh first-time visitors, with no prior knowledge of the course, will be totally unaware of what is about to unfold before their eyes over the next few hours. They may get an inkling as they walk off the first green, but only if they glimpse across to the left and spy a partially hidden green nestled in the dunes, or maybe as they play the sporty second hole straight up Corbie Hill, however, it isn’t until the third tee is reached that the immense beauty of this charming links is displayed in its full glory.

From this viewpoint perfectly undulating, unspoiled linksland stretches endlessly before and below you. Huge dunes to the left, that house the closing holes, and smaller sandhills everywhere else define rippling fairways and intriguing green complexes. Exposed putting surfaces, shelf greens and the tops of flags hidden in dells can be seen. It’s a mouth-watering prospect that lies before you.

For the next 15 holes you play to every point on the compass and are asked to hit a vast variety of shots. Out of this 15 I would say at least a dozen are either good or very good with a handful that reach or border on great. There are a couple of ‘filler’ holes, that simply help join the dots to the best bits of the course, but there isn’t a sniff of a weak hole.

The third itself is a majestic short par-four of just 331 yards, perhaps my favourite two-shotter on the course, with a tempting drive, perfectly placed sand-traps and a cunning green for a hole of this length.

The next has another taxing green setting, carved out of the side of a dune with two-tiers on this long putting surface. My playing partner hit a wedge into the back-right-hand corner of the green and it must have had just too much spin on it because as many as 30 seconds later it re-appeared trickling off the front and down the steep 20-foot banking short of the green! Maybe he should have been cursing his bad luck but instead there was a wide grin on his face because this is what golfing at Fraserburgh is; great fun.

"From this viewpoint perfectly undulating, unspoiled linksland stretches endlessly before and below you."

Don’t think for one moment though that this is tricked-up golf, there is also a deadly seriousness to Fraserburgh and will provide a true examination for all departments of your game.

There are only two par fives on the course but both are stellar holes and played in different directions so the wind conditions of the day is likely to make one easy and the other hard. A cross-wind neither. Meanwhile the set of short holes are divine. The best of the lot comes at the 17th, in my opinion a world-class hole. Simple and subtle yet it has an air of authority that you usually only find on Open Championship courses.

Other highlights include the mischievous 10th; a great example of a short par four, the drive at the excellent 12th, the endless hours of fun you can have around the 13th green and the run for home along and between the towering dunes.

Admittedly, the round ends in a similar way to how it started with an unremarkable long two-shotter. The first and 18th are often cited as Fraserburgh’s Achilles heel, and this is perhaps true, but these are far from poor holes. The openness and flatness of these two adjacent par fours doesn’t do them any favours but they are strategically sound and demanding holes.

Fraserburgh won’t appeal to everybody but this is a golf course that delivers good old fashioned traditional links golf. It massively over-delivered on our expectations and a place I would strongly urge you to play. I see it as a bit of an underdog for links golf in Scotland and one I will certainly be rooting for.

Reviewer: Edward Battye.


Friendliness in the clubhouse, lovely challenging course. We will definately be back playing here.

The day itself was challenging due to high winds but the Fraserburgh members gave us a very warm welcome. It was great playing the '7th oldest club in the world'.

I chose Fraserburgh as our group try to play evry course in Scotland.

Ladies, Elie G. C. Fife

10th April 2017


I want to express my gratitude to you and the club once more for the wonderful gesture. We received a more than warm welcome in the clubhouse, including meeting your club captain Gerry.

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed playing your beatiful course and I will recommend it to any golfer who hasn't played it yet!

Yours thankfully,

Johan Vaartjes



Many thanks for all the warm hospitality you & your staff gave us on Saturday.

My son Jeff was certainly right in that you have a very enjoyable & fine links course. Loved those wonderful dunes!

I hope I will have the opportunity to return your thoughtful kindness someday.

Best regards,

Rich Patterson




Comments on a visit to Scotland (Including Fraserburgh Golf Club)

By Robert W. McKay - “The Odyssey” “thegolfodyssey.com



Monday was our last full day for golf. We left Dornoch and went south and then east for 140 miles to the town of Fraserburgh (population 12,600), which is 42 miles north of Aberdeen and the biggest shellfish port in Europe. It is also a major white fish port with a busy commercial harbor.


Our threesome is off at 12:30pm at Fraserburgh Golf Club (Corbie Hill course) with clouds overhead, 55-60 degrees, and a strong 20-25 mph wind with gusts up to 40 mph. Redesigned by James Braid in 1922, the present course sits next to Fraserburgh Bay, which flows into Moray Firth and the North Sea. Beautiful high coastline dunes covered by tall and attractive marran grass hide the possibility of water views except from the highest points on the course, the 2nd green and 3rd tee. These are the same raw dunes Donald Trump first saw at Balmedie 31 miles south and which became part of the successful Trump International Golf Links. 


The first and 18th holes are side-by-side on dead flat terrain so the first thought is why are we here? Looking past the first green is Corbie Hill. From a distance it looks like a mini-mountain. At the finish of pulling a trolley up the ski slope fairway to the very perched green, and then a steep uphill trudge to the 3rd tee, you are definitely out-of-breath and think you have climbed Mount Everest! On a calm day the walk would be formidable, but today’s very strong 30 mph headwind puts the old legs to a real test.


But the effort is rewarded, as you now see most of the holes spread out on rolling land with the magnificent dunes to the left. The best part of the course comes toward the end of the round on holes 13 through 17. Thirteen has the tall dunes as a dramatic backdrop and then fourteen through seventeen run close to and through the dunes.


I was intrigued by the actual height of Corbie “Hill” because I thought it was the unique feature on the course. I also want to give the readers of “The O” a feeling of what it is like to actually be at a course. “Hill” means to me modest height and what is at Fraserburgh is more than modest. In researching the issue I could not find any height number anywhere. I even e-mailed the club and they do not know. My estimate is 80 to 90 feet high.


Moss Golf Tours

Both Neil and I would like to extend our sincere thanks for a superb day at Fraserburgh on Saturday. We have rarely received such as warm and hospitable welcome from so many people at a golf club.

Everyone was wonderfully friendly and welcoming, and the overall experience was excellent. It seemed like so many member of the club, the committee and the staff, had put themselves out on our behalf.

We very much enjoyed the course and had a great time during our round. We appreciate we had relatively benign conditions - we shall just have to return another time to find out what the wind can do! We were both hitting relatively straight on Saturday but I am sure a bit of wind could easily change that.

Lunch was excellent and we appreciated the catering staff be kind enough to wait for us.

We would like to thank everyone who was part of the day for us - from the Vice Captain, committee and club members, to the administration, bar staff and catering - for making us feel so very welcome and leaving us with such as positive impression of Fraserburgh Golf Club. Thank you also to the club and committee for all the very kind courtesies extended to us throughout our visit.

I will not hesitate to recommend the course, and the clubbhouse team, to our clients. As a visitor experience we felt the set up was very good - course signage was extremely visible and made it relatively easy for a newcomer to have confidence finding their way around the course.

Thank you again, and we hope to be able to send some clients your way, as well as return ourselves in the not too distant future.


Best wishes,



Nice course and lovely staff. We have been coming here now several years and will continue doing so in years to come.

Swiss Guests


Comments on a visit to the North East of Scotland (Including Fraserburgh Golf Club)

Dear all,

On behalf of all of our party, I should like to thank you all for making us feel so welcome and looking after us in such a hospitable fashion. I would have no hesitation in recommending fellow golfers to play at any of your golf courses and I would thoroughly recommend you to point fellow travellers to stay with Lucy Taylor at the Kilmarnock Arms at Cruden Bay as it is probably the best hotel for food, comfort and service that our party have stayed at in the 20 years we have been going on our golf tours.

Please pass my remarks on to all your staff.

Thank you.

Regards,James Marjoribanks



Myself and three friends visited your course on a lovely sunny September morning. Your course is simply wonderful and your welcome was fantastic. I hope to return next year to sample more truly great links golf.

Regards,John Spencer



Had the great pleasure of playing the course and cannot speak highly enough of the warmth received by members and staff, the challange of the course, which was in fantastic condition. If you want to sample true links golf, then you must make a visit, you will not regret it for one moment, just wonder why you had not visited it sooner in life.

Regards, Ian Bostock


Anthony Mills PGA Professional.

On Friday the 24th June Fraserburgh Golf Club had the pleasure to have a visit from Antoney Mills

PGA Professional. Mr Mills was very taken by our course and had this to say about it,

"As an annual golfing visitor to Scotland for the last number of years, this was my first visit to Fraserburgh Golf Club.

I must say I was very impressed by the course here. Its a true natural links in excellent condition, a stiff challenge of all aspects of your game.

The clubhouse experience is just as good with the friendly staff eager to help and assist.

I will be back again for sure and would strongly recommend a visit to Fraserburgh Golf Club.

A great golfing day!"

       Anthony Mills

       PGA Pro

       Sandhill Golf Range

       South Yorkshire

June 2011


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