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Club Personnel 2016

The Council                                                                        Honorary Members


Captain:   Gerry Chalmers   Honorary President:             Bill Maitland

Vice Captain: Stephen Thomson

   Honorary Vice Presidents:  Lewis B Gray
Committee : George Walker                                                      Rt. Hon Alex Salmond
                         Jack Walker                                                      
                         Gordon Bruce  
                         John Walker Honorary Members:                Rt. Hon. Lady Saltoun
                         James Stephen                                                       Alan Bolt
    Margaret Attfield/ Alison Souter                                                       Margaret Attfield
                         Brian Duthie                                                       Jordan Findlay
                        Adam Duncan                                                       Kris Nicol
                     Bill Souter
                      Ross Cardno
                         Neil Thomson  

                         Fraser Milne

Ladies' Section    Senior Committee  
Captain:     Captain: Bill Noble
Vice Captain: Isobel Taylor Vice Captain:  
Secretary: Stella Buchan   Treasurer: Maurrice Attfield
Treasurer:  Jean Watt Buchan Seniors Rep:  
Handicap Secretary:  Chris Hewitt      
County Rep: Agnes Bell    
Buchan Senior Rep:  Isobel Taylor    
Junior Section   Personnel     
  Bill Souter Office Manager: Debbie Reid
    Office Assistant:  
    Head Greenkeeper: Morris Rodgers
    Bar Supervisor: Ann Mutch
    Caterer: Gladys Ritchie  


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